If you want the WHOLE story…

Jeff and I enjoyed the Retreat for the U/RMTC teachers! How fun to watch them just play!

Liminal space, that in-between place that affords us the chance to see things we might otherwise miss, that’s where we are living these days.  We have finished up our year as Field Directors, and moved on to…????  That is the question you have all been asking me.

Well, Jeff has moved right down the hall into the room where he and his translation assistant puzzle over passive or active voice, or the right way to say, “L-shaped building” when many don’t have any idea what an “L” is.  There is an endless stream of curriculum that needs fixing!

And of course, I keep interrupting him with all the various things I am still connected to.  I tried to make a list of them the other day, to figure out what is most important, but really, it all keeps changing as we go along.  Years and years ago there was an Erma Bombeck column that I still remember, even though I read it as a child.  “Every mother has a favorite child. She cannot help it. She is only human. I have mine – the child for whom I feel a special closeness, with whom I share a love that no one else could possibly understand. My favorite child is the one who was too sick to eat ice cream at his birthday party – who had measles at Christmas – who wore leg braces to bed because he toed in – who had a fever in the middle of the night, the asthma attack, the child in my arms at the emergency ward,” and on she goes… 

Every International Worker has their favorite work, too!  I have mine- the young man from the unreached people group for whom I feel special closeness, the students of the English School, whose  directing couple just left to return to their home country, leaving them worried sick they won’t be able to finish the program, the one who is on her way to Bible School with her two kids despite having just left an addiction behind, not able to sleep for worry about whether or not she will be able to do it.  The one I love best is the Urban Ministry Training Center teacher who sat in my dining room the other day and cried because she wants to see the people in this city know Jesus much better than they do now, the Rural Ministry Training Center graduate who is trying so hard to get his financial situation under control in a godly way, despite society pressuring him every other way, and the office staff meeting where they get chatting so much about their emotions, after I spend months struggling to introduce them to this new idea of actually talking about them, that I can’t get them to stop! 

Erma goes on, ” All mothers have their favorite child. It is always the same one: the one who needs you at the moment.” Yup…  And that is what I am doing in this liminal place and time.  As you poke around this blog you will find them all… Our favorite projects and people…  And I trust, with God putting in front of me just the thing He wants me to work on next, that in the end it will make sense!  He’s been remarkably good at putting the pieces together so far.  I trust HIm.

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